Custom Mine – 20 x NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti GPU + CPU Mining

From: $3,500.00 / month and a $750.00 sign-up fee  /  0.37821 Ƀ

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Start Mining Instantly Today

Your Custom Mine is ready to go when you are.
Our mines use NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti GPU's.

Crypto and Coffee is constantly adding new coins and algorithms to keep up with the ICO market.  Most hash rate calculators and "profit calculators" do not support our latest algorithms.

Crypto and Coffee is not responsible for changing profitability, or market changes.

Mine with your CPU

Your Custom Mine can be used for CPU Mining.
Please check the XMR Calculator to see current profits.
Crypto and Coffee is not responsible for changing profitability, or market changes.


Enable Auto-Switcher on your mine and have your mine instantly switch between the most profitable coins.  We make it easy for you to set it and forget it with this option.

Coin List

Check our Always Up-To-Date List of Coins to Mine with Debut Mine!

Server Count
GPU Count
CPU Count
CPU Total Hash Rate
Estimated H/s
Skein Algorithm Total GPU Hash Rate
Estimated Mh/s

Hash rates will vary based on the temperature of your mine and current software running on your mine.  We are always updating the mining software to make sure we benefit from the latest updates and we benchmark each new update for the highest hash rates possible.

Own Your Mine

Crypto and Coffee uses Docker to power our mines.  You will be provided access to the Command & Control software through a Drone server.  This Drone server is included with your subscription and will allow you to operate and control your mine.  We will provide instructions to access your Drone server upon order receipt.

Get Profitable!

We invite you to use the many tools provided in Command & Control to make the best decisions for mining.  We are committed to providing you with the most up-to-date profit data. Command & Control will help you choose the right coin to mine!

Miner Central

Control your mine directly from Slack with our easy to use and friendly bot we call Miner Central.  We will keep all customers up-to-date in our Slack channel as this new feature develops.

Additional Accounts Required to Operate this Mine:




Mining Pools:
Mining Pool Hub

Bitcoin Debit Card
You will be provided with a Welcome Guide upon purchase of a subscription.

Cost Breakdown

Server Hosting Fees
per server
Crypto and Coffee Monthly Fee
per server
Crypto and Coffee Setup Fee
per server

The included setup fee is necessary to start your mine. The setup fee includes everything you need to get started mining! We will setup and deliver you all the details required to operate your mine once you have paid this fee.


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