Crypto Mining Software Docker Image Subscription

$99.00  /  0.0107 Ƀ for 1 year

Subscribe today for access to all the Mining Software you will ever need wrapped up in easy and portable Docker images! Mine with multiple mining software including ccminer, claymore, ewbf, and sgminer just to name a few. Our list is growing weekly! Easily manage and deploy workers wherever and whenever you need them.
We grant you access immediately through your Profile.  A special tab called “Gitlab Credentials” will appear once you have subscribed.  You simply use these credentials to access the images while your subscription is valid.
Save yourself hours of time and headaches galore. Subscribe today.

Easily start mining on your NVIDIA Graphics card.  This portable installation is built to work on Windows and Linux machines with a compatible NVIDIA graphics card. You will be provided access to updates of the file and provided with installation support to get up and running super fast. We are here to make mining easy for everyone.

Run mining with a simple command –

"docker pull $GITLABURL"

We support the following miners! $GITLABURL

See our Setup and Instruction Guide to Get Started

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