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Welcome to Crypto and Coffee!  Let us guide you through an introduction to crypto currencies and learn everything you need to know to start mining crypto currency.

Miner Store

We offer access to a wide variety of crypto mining applications through our subscriptions.

Buy a Mine

Ready to reach for the stars?  Buy a GPU mine directly from Crypto and Coffee and use our Command & Control software to mine your favorite coins.

Custom Mine – NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti GPU + CPU Mining

$1375 per month / per server
  • 8x NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti GPU's
  • Bare-Metal Hardware running Ubuntu
  • Command & Control Mining Software
  • Powered By Docker
  • Keep all your mining profits!
  • No Payout Schedules
  • Directly Mine on Suprnova and Mining Pool Hub
  • No Wallets or Personal Information stored on your mine.
  • Support and Service through Slack
  • $200 Setup Fee per server

Advanced Mining

Mining Gems

Get your advanced crypto mining fever on.  Read our guides and dig deeper and faster.

Docker Mining Images

Use our Dockerfiles to begin mining crypto immediately.

WalletNode - Crypto wallets powered by Docker

Get setup with a crypto wallet in no time!  Deploy one or thousands of wallets easily and securely with Docker!  We have done all the hard work of compiling and making sure each wallet is working.

Picks and Shovels

We offer a variety of tools for advanced miners to easily deploy Mining Software and WalletNodes (Portable Crypto Wallets) all powered by Docker.

Our Company

Crypto and Coffee is a brand of Standard Service Inc. Established in 2013. Standard Service has been creating Web, iPhone, and Android applications based on the Meteor platform.  Our award-winning applications have been in production for years and we continue to support our applications on a daily basis.  Our team is always available in our Support window in the bottom right of your screen.  Feel free to ask us questions, we are here to help!

Contact our support team by using the Support button in the bottom right hand side of your screen.

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