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Get ready for a new way to help list your favorite cryptocurrency on exchanges!


FeeAngels was created as a response to the failed ICO market, pre-mine, founder rewards, and bounties used as a primary fund raising means for cryptocurrency projects.  In the spirit of a distributed networks, FeeAngels is a community driven solution to solve the early fund raising stages of new cryptocurrencies.  We give the cryptocurrency community an opportunity to directly donate to the most expensive challenge for most new coins, exchange listing fees.  There is no promise of reward in exchange for this donation.  However we do understand now that the most capital intensive requirement of any new cryptocurrency project is the exchange listing fee.  FeeAngels will build an inclusive platform to allow users to submit their cryptocurrenices for review by FeeAngels.  Once the review has been completed the cryptocurrency will be listed on our website with a donation address and details about the exchange and listing requirements.  The community will be invited to help these teams solve the challenges they need for listing, including directly donating towards the fee.  The community will also be able to up vote and down vote projects - and add reviews.  We hope to impact the market by making it easier and faster for new cryptocurrencies to be listed on more exchanges.  We also hope that with our review process we can restore credibility in the market and set the example for supporting quality teams and real world applications of cryptocurrency.  FeeAngles will eventually create a utility token [FA], making it easier for you to participate in our platform.

All FeeAngels approved cryptocurrencies must meet the following requirements

Daily Volume : $0 - $10,000
Market Cap : $0 - $250,000

Pre-Mine : NO
Founders Fee/Reward : NO
ERC20 : NO

Masternode Support : Yes
Know-Your-Developer : Yes
Github : Yes

#1 People People People
A known team is essential for success of any cryptocurrency. As KYC rules have come into effect so have KYD or Know-Your-Developer. Most exchanges will not list a cryptocurrency without a known team.
#2 Application or Purpose
The crypto must have a real world application - besides the essentials to support the coin such as explorer, mining pools, or masternode hosts. The application should have users or be in an MVP status at least. Known teams with good products are excited to share them with the world!
#3 Plan
We want to see your road map and plans for the future. We are developers ourselves and understand things change and that is fine. As long as you have a high level of Github activity we will understand, otherwise we expect a "man with a plan".

How do we help you?

We are all in this together. We use our existing applications written in Docker to provide backend network support for the cryptocurrencies we approve.

Listing Fees

Mining Pools

Global Stratum Support with Blocknotify
Custom NOMP/YiimP/S-NOMP

Blockchain Explorer

24/7 Operations
Custom Iquidus and GlobalSight

Masternode Hosting

Custom Profit Stats
Custom Compounding Platform

Performance and Network Monitoring

Uptime and Network Performance Alerting
Server Statistics

All services have been SEO optimized to help your coin achieve maximum reach. 

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  • Pay Listing Fees

    • We pay listing fees
    • We work directly with exchanges to faciliate fast track listings
    • We make it easy for users to contribute to your listing fee
    • Follow the steps on our platform to complete a donation for listing
    • The user willl be contacted once the listing has been approved and completed
    • Contributors will be first in line to know when the new listing will be active
  • Global Mining Pool Hosting
    • We support PoW and will provide mining pools for all our approved cryptocurrencies
    • We are the first or official pool for our coins and provide a stable mining network
    • Our pools only communicate with trusted nodes to increase security of the cryptocurrency
  • Masternode Hosting
    • We will provide dedicated masternodes to support the network
    • Publish trusted addnode list to secure network
    • Hosting platform (to be announced soon)
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