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We sell mines and software for crypto currency. If you want to get started, we have turnkey solutions to get you going today.

We think it’s important to be transparent and help you make informed decisions about what you are buying. Here is a basic overview of what every miner should know.

What You Need to Know about Blockchains

There are thousands of different blockchains. Only some of them are mineable. Our software is engineered to support more blockchains than any other software provider. If we currently don’t support your needs, submit a feature request and we will probably add it.

Each blockain has different difficulty and size. Difficulty refers to how difficult it is to find a block. It adjusts as a function of hashing power deployed by miners across the network. Difficulty goes up or down based on when the hashing power goes up or down.

The size of a blockchain refers to the total amount of all block headers and transactions. This data keeps getting exponentially bigger and bigger as there are more transactions and coins created. The data is evenly distributed consensually across multiple computers on the blockchain in the form of a public ledger, making it decentralized.

How Mining Works

Mining Coins is achieved by using hardware and software in conjunction to solve the blockchain of a specific Coin. In layman’s terms, this involves solving a complex problem. No one machine solves the entire problem. Rather, multiple machines each contribute computational power to share the task of problem solving.

The rate of problem solving is measured by what is called a hash rate. Our software is designed to get the maximum performance out of hardware, increasing the hash rate. We extract more out of graphics cards, tweak the CPU, control the server temperature to avoid overheating, and use docker files created to be platform agnostic, meaning you can use our software across mining rigs with different graphics and any type of server.

Step by Step Overview:

When you run software and hardware at the same time, it is important to do things step by step. Here is a basic overview of how it works.

  1. Hardware Requirements
    1. NVIDIA or AMD graphics card
    2. Fast Processor, Core i7 or higher.
    3. External Hardware (Dedicated Miners)
  2. Software Requirements
    1. Mining on graphics cards requires different software than mining with CPU.
    2. Each Coin has it’s own Algorithm which you will mine
    3. Certain Algorithms mine faster on certain hardware
    4. Our software is built to be fast, hardware agnostic, and mine anything
  3. Sanity Check
    1. You’ll need to be prepared for heat, power, and cooling.
    2. Heat is generated from running your hardware at 100% all the time
    3. Power is consumed by the load your hardware is pulling
    4. Cooling is required to keep everything running smoothly
    5. Expectations – Mine 24/7? 365? or Casually?
    6. Our software optimizes for temperature control to maximize performance
  4. Mine!
    1. Time to fire up that hardware and software, and get mining.
    2. Backup your wallets – keep safeguards of your Coin wallets
    3. Track results with Stats trackers from miner pools
    4. You can use a Crypto and Coffee Dockerfile to begin mining today!
  5. Resources
    1. – Check current prices for Coins and profitability
    2. Profitability Calculator – – See how much you can make with your hardware on Nicehash (the easiest mining pool)
    3. – Easily check most active coins being mined.

We continually update our guides and strive to inform about best practices. Please check back again soon. Contact us to get started mining today!

This getting started guide to mining crypto currency should give you enough information to start pulling some money out of the blockchain of your choice. Here is what you need to know.

Some not all blockains are mineable. Each blockain will have different difficulty and length of their blockain.


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