Step 1 - Join our Slack Channel

Use this link to join our Slack channel so we may
provide you with continued updates and support of your mine.

Join Now

Step 2 - Setup Docker

You need to install and NVIDIA-Docker

Go to Docker Getting Started Guide

Step 3 - Login to Registry

To login to our registry please use :
sudo docker login

Enter the Gitlab credentials found in your My Profile

Step 4 - Configure Pools and Exchanges

Worker Config:

Add Workers on Suprnova

Each worker should use the name "cc" and be followed by the number of workers you have,
so for example a mine with 10 workers should have cc1-cc10 as workers configured.
Each worker should be set to use the same password "test"


You need to enter your wallet address for each coin you mine into your pool server accounts.
Additionally we recommend turning on Auto-Sell on Bittrex.

Step 5 - Mine the Planet

Using the Mining Instructions for the Dockerfile you are trying to run, please run the command with your favorite pool.

"sudo nvidia-docker run -d -i -t $GITLABURL -k ALGORITHM -o SERVER -u USER -p PASSWORD"

Available $GITLABURL

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