Crypto and Coffee – Who We Are

Crypto and Coffee is a product of Standard Service Inc. We’re a team of geeks, creative visionaries, disruptive innovators, and change agents working on products that act as catalysts for a more decentralized, open world.

Crypto and Coffee - Mission

We aim to provide the best software to empower crypto mining at scale - a holistic, integrated solution to manage your entire operation that is easy to run and deploy.

As miners ourselves, we build the products we need. We aim to empower our users to achieve financial independence. Crypto and Coffee is part of a virtuous cycle, where all proceeds are invested back into development.

We believe cryptocurrency is the future. This means the world needs more efficient, better mining operations to keep up with increased demand. In order to scale, mining must become more accessible to a wider audience and go beyond the DIY community of hardcore developers and geeks.

Crypto and Coffee aims to make this possible through developing robust software that is easy to run and deploy. We develop tutorials, provide extensive documentation, and will offer master classes to learn how to mine crypto. This is intended to save hundreds of hours of time figuring it out on your own.

In the spirit of the blockchain, we are transparent and open about performance and anticipated results. Crypto and Coffee performs better than anything in the marketplace. We always strive to perform even better. We encourage feature requests, recommendations, and feedback in our pursuit of excellence.

There are lots of options for how to manage your mining operation. We encourage you to explore all of them. Make an informed decision. We stand by our claim that this is the best product on the market. Please challenge and push us to do better. We are here to serve you and the entire crypto mining community.

The Product

We started mining in 2013. We mine crypto across 100+ servers. Every iteration and optimization has an exponential impact.

As crypto miners ourselves, we needed a product that minimized switching costs, optimized our mining rigs, controlled server temperatures, and tracked how much crypto we mined across each individual server. We also needed a convenient way to monitor our mining and recommendations on when to switch based on which cryptocurrencies were best performing.


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